Oz in the New 9.20.15

AR-150919252.jpg&MaxW=650Local yellow brick road Family heirlooms and memories have always been important to Newton resident Max Regier. Regier and his wife, Nellie, have filled their home with trinkets of years gone by. When a yellow-brick road constructed by his mother in the early 1990s lay dormant in the backyard of her former residence at 816 N. Blaine St., Newton, it was little surprise when Regier eventually went and dug the thing up, rebuilding it in his back yard. That was four years ago. Today the freshly painted road is accented by a sign pointing the Regier’s grandchildren to various Oz-related places and leads from the patio to Nellie Regier’s craft shop, keeping Melinda Brown Regier’s memory alive.

A lion, a wizard and a wardrobe  I found myself at a dinner sitting next to biographer, playwright, theatre critic extraordinaire and vaudeville royalty, John Lahr. His father Bert, you will recall, played the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz and was a Broadway stalwart for something like 50 years. I began to panic slightly about the things I mustn’t say. Of course I knew better than to disclose the mountains of Wizard of Oz trivia I have at my fingertips. It would have been a disaster if I had started regaling him with things like, I don’t know, how I’d read that Meinhardt Raabe, the 24-year-old actor who played the Munchkin coroner in The Wizard of Oz, had a massive growth spurt at the age of 35. When the film was shot Raabe was four feet tall. Eleven years later, he was four foot seven, only four inches shorter than La Garland herself. Can you believe it?

Creighton Homecoming: Wizard of Oz theme resonates with community  “The theme ‘Brain. Heart. Courage.’ truly encapsulates the whole Creighton experience, and is very reminiscent with alumni, students and all Creighton constituents,” Alumni Relations Office Senior Program Coordinator, Kathleen Vazquez said. She spoke of “Brain” as a reminder of Creighton’s principal purpose as an educational institution. “Heart” speaks to the university’s mission, charged by Jesuit values and oriented toward passion and service. And finally, “Courage” is what fuels all members of the Creighton community, former and present, to turn their education outward to impact the world.


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