Oz in the News 9.10.15

ctOz to work magic in Tinley?  Hundreds of paving blocks were laid in a wooded area in an effort to reproduce Dorothy Gale’s journey. Some scenes from the movie, using mainly mannequins, will be re-enacted along the Yellow Brick Road, which does lead to the Emerald City and there are a smattering of poppies leading up to it.  It took about six weeks to finish the path, and 20 gallons of yellow paint were used, Paraday said. Hundreds of flowers were planted on either side of the walkway, and Odyssey workers are soaking them down with 1,200 gallons of water each day so they’ll make it through the recent hot, dry weather and still be viable for the fest, he said.

“The Wonderful Wizard of Song” to perform in Munster  “The Wonderful Wizard of Song” is a collaboration of the Harold Arlen Foundation and Matt Davenport Productions. Arlen’s son, Sam Arlen, president of the foundation, is a consultant for the production. He not only provides first-hand stories and insight to the writing of the show, but also has provided personal mementos, family photographs and Harold Arlen’s own home movies of the making of “The Wizard of Oz.”

Companies should take a more holistic approach to product innovation  This is the theory behind Wizard of Oz testing. It’s a methodology for the evaluation of a new product or service, but where the product doesn’t need to work like or even look like the real thing. That said, the experience of interacting with the innovation feels real and less like a test, ultimately eliciting more natural responses. The technique is named after the novel and classic film, where the Wizard is exposed as a normal man sitting behind a curtain. Wizard of Oz testing sees the experimenter create a realistic illusion of a new product or device to discover how users interact with an idea, to reveal and record genuine and valid responses.


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