Oz in the News 9.6.15

charles_santore_t800A new look at an old Wizard: Charles Santore illustrates L. Frank Baum’s classic  “The Yellow Brick Road was a metaphor, and it became a design arrow for me. It moves the journey from left to right throughout the book. I kept Dorothy and her friends small in relation to the page size because they’re going through very difficult circumstances and you’re not really sure whether they’re going to get through the next obstacle. So if you turn a page and you see a very large Dorothy, she becomes an overpowering element. I didn’t want that. As I said, I kept them moving from left to right until such time as they run into the witch. And then of course the forces start moving in the other direction, from right to left. They’re captured by the flying monkeys, etc. Dorothy overcomes the witch with a bucket of water, and it begins moving again from left to right.”


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