Oz in the News 8.29.15


Uzo Aduba Talks Casting in NBC’s THE WIZ LIVE: ‘Anything Is Possible’  Best known for her Emmy-winning portrayal of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on the hit Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” actress Uzo Aduba (Broadway’s GODSPELL) stopped by this morning’s TODAY to share that she couldn’t believe it when she got the call to play Glinda the Good in NBC’s upcoming live production of musical THE WIZ. Quoting the song “Believe in Yourself” from the show, the actress shared, “If you do believe, anything is possible.” Watch the appearance in full below!

The Builders Association’s ELEMENTS OF OZ to Make World Premiere at Peak Performances This Fall  The Wizard of Oz is baked into our collective DNA for good reason; it’s a great story with a strong spine. It’s got all the right ingredients: remarkable characters, good, evil, love, hate, courage, fear, abundant symbolism — and magic. The film version supplied our imaginations with gorgeous images and beautiful tunes. The Builders Association returns to Peak Performances with their 21st century You Tube-inspired take on this enduring classic. The fun begins with ELEMENTS OF OZ on September 26th and runs through October 4th, 2015. You want music? How about Somewhere Over The Rainbow sung by dozens of Oz You Tube fans from all over the world? Rather than being a distraction, your smart phone will enable you to be surrounded by the Oz of our imaginations, from the poppy fields to the Emerald City. Why go clomping through a field of brilliant red poppies when you can summon them on your phone? ELEMENTS OF OZ ventures into a new hybrid world of its own, with its blend of tradition and invention. If theater traditionally celebrates the idea that people come together to witness a live event onstage, what happens if the live performance cannot truly be seen without the “wizardry” of our new fantastical devices? This daring platform gives the talented Builders team a chance to explore all the allegories that have been spun from The Wizard of Oz since its publication in 1900.

Best Selling Author J.A. Jance Releases New Book  Judith Ann Jance, known more familiarly as J.A. Jance, is a published author of 53 books. In March of 1982, J.A. Jance began writing; however, she did not become a published writer until 1985. Growing up, Jance was an avid reader due to the large age gap between her siblings and herself. During her childhood, she was inspired by L. Frank Baum’s book “The Wizard of Oz.” Even as a second grader, she was not “as impressed by the wizard…as I was by discovering Frank Baum behind the words,” she said. That was when she realized her dream of becoming a writer.


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