Oz in the News 8.28.15

IMG_0061Preserving The Yellow Brick Road  Walking down and up the winding path (it is built within the curves of a mountain) it doesn’t take long to see the manmade potholes that frequent the trail. “It’s disheartening and makes you angry that people think they can just sort of pick its carcass clean,” says Donna Devereux who played Dorothy at the park in the 1970’s. A full yellow brick road has about 44,000 bricks. The Land of Oz Park struggles with the perception of being abandoned which often leads to disappearing bricks. Cindy Keller lives full time on the property as the care-taker since none of the landowners live in North Carolina. “Before we had fencing, people would come in from various locations and walk the yellow brick road and upon occasion they will kick in a window or possibly find a door ajar. Their curiosity gets the best of them and they keep on exploring. It would be very scary to be sitting there, having your dinner and have someone walk in, it doesn’t happen often but it has happened,” says Keller.

‘It Takes 2’ Fundraiser Supports Chittenango’s Oz History  It’s time for the Semi-Annual “It Takes 2″ fundraiser. Help the foundation fund the Baum-Neal House, All Things Oz Museum, and Oz-Stravaganza! festival by donating $2. You can donate via charge card or Paypal by clicking the donate button on the website or send a check in the mail. For supporters who donate $20 or more they will receive an Annual membership to the All Things Oz Museum as well as a special gift – the book “Journey to Oz” the story of L. Frank Baum by Chittenango Village Historian Clara Houck.

Home built for ‘Wizard of Oz’ dance director Bobby Connolly sells in Encino  A house built for “The Wizard of Oz” dance director Willian Harold “Bobby” Connolly has sold in Encino for $3.4 million. The film and stage choreographer, who died in 1944 at 46, worked on such other movies as “Cain and Mable” (1936), “Ready, Willing and Able” (1837) and “Fools for Scandal” (1938).



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