Oz in the News 8.22.15

55d690ab96640.imageVictory never tasted as good  Perfection takes time. For Kelly Tucker, it took three weeks. Tucker, 16, won the Grand Overall Sweepstakes in the cake decorating competition at the state fair for her “Wizard of Oz”-themed cake. The 34-inch cake has six tiers — each one decorated to resemble one of the movie’s characters. “Most of the layers have their faces molded, and then we put their theme around the cake,” Tucker said. “We wanted something that a lot of people could relate to, and most people know the Wizard of Oz.” Tucker’s cake is currently on display at Centennial Hall at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Jimbo Fisher takes FSU football ‘to see the wizard’ with yellow brick road  Since he took over the Florida State football team, coach Jimbo Fisher has been really good at preparing his team for a long football campaign. But his team’s latest performance has him taking them on a trip down a “yellow brick road.”

‘The Final Girls’ Director Explains ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Influence  The idea was more like they just get sucked into a movie, not necessarily a horror movie. So it’s more like The Wizard of Oz. They get sucked into a technicolor dream world where everything gets to be hyper-real. There’s crazy color, the sky can look like Gone With the Wind, there can be crazy painted landscapes that can look very beautiful. Going back to the dream analogue, it did want to feel in some parts very ethereal. It was interesting to try to create that visual contrast where, in the middle of a huge action scene or a scary scene, there’s something very beautiful. The director of photography Elie Smolkin and I designed it so that, for the first ten minutes or so in the “real world,” it’s not so close to The Wizard of Oz that it’s sepia. But we are trying to avoid greens and primary colors, keep it fairly washed out, kind of golden. When you get into the “movie” and they’re in that park, we wanted the green to be just burning through your retinas.

Elton John- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (OZ Video Mix)  The video (live footage from the “Top of the Pops” performance from 1973) of the 1973 number one hit single with additional footages from the 1939 feature film adaptation & its 2013 film prequel.


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