Oz in the News 8.12.15

1356475288Review: Cross The Shifting Sands  This show attempts to lay bare the reasons why Baum’s imagination conjured what it did, but it never gets over that rainbow.  There is too much business with props and pauses, too little psychological insight. The text leaps from one bit of biographical data to another at the expense of dramatic pace. It’s too low key, too tiring. Those who know Baum’s texts are rewarded with numerous references and quotes, but ultimately this isn’t working.  That’s a shame, because Jake Addley does his best to connect, and might, in other circumstances, be a wizard.

Lyricist Yip Harburg’s Son Ernie: How My Dad Inspired Me to Become a Scientist  I can still see Harold Arlen and Yip at Lawrence Tibbett’s piano. Tibbett had a big pool and a backyard orchard with peaches, plums and sapotas; I had never heard of these things! I used to take daily swims in the pool by myself. One day, there was sort of a reverse miracle — there was no sun, there was no blue sky, it was cloudy, it was cool. So many other days I had walked through the living room where Harold was playing the piano and Yip was walking around and around. I never stayed. I had no idea what these guys were doing in there. They talked sporadically and kept playing jots of music, then would exchange soft words — for hours on a daily basis.  Read part 2 of this article here.


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