Oz in the News 8.2.15


OzCon’s auctioneer looking for bids

Yellow brick road leads to San Diego Fans of Dorothy and the famous trio are gathering at the Town and Country Resort in Mission Valley this weekend for OzCon International, an annual gathering celebrating characters created by L. Frank Baum. About 280 people had registered for the three-day event by Saturday, when Oz fans came to buy Oz-related merchandise, bid on collectibles, hear lectures and listen to live music from “Return to Oz,” a film released 30 years ago.  No fan may have been happier that day than Bill Shaw of North Hollywood, whose $3,800 auction bid bought him a first-edition copy of Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” “I’m walking on air,” Shaw said, leaving the auction room. “I can’t believe I got it for that price.” The first-edition was Holy Grail-like for Shaw, who already has an impressive collection of items from the 1939 “The Wizard of Oz” film, including the dress worn by Judy Garland. He owned one of four known pairs of ruby slippers Garland wore in the film, but they were stolen from a museum 10 years ago. Shaw was a guest at the convention to speak in a Saturday panel about the theft and to show the short film, “Who Stole the Ruby Slippers?”


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