Oz in the News 7.28.15


Munchkin Oz Exclusively at Target  Steve Jackson Games is proud to announce that we’ll be travelling to the Land of Oz with a brand new Munchkin game: Munchkin Oz! Based on L. Frank Baum’s classic children’s books, Munchkin Oz blends the stories’ whimsical characters and places with Munchkin’s own brand of zany backstabbing. Munchkin Oz has started appearing on shelves at some Target locations and will be available throughout the country and on target.com in early August 2015. This is the second such exclusive release in partnership with Target, after Munchkin Legends (in Target in 2013, released widely in 2014). Fans who follow the Yellow Brick Road to Target and purchase Munchkin Oz will want to look for Steve Jackson Games at conventions and keep a close eye on Warehouse 23 (warehouse23.com), where they’ll findsilver shoesspecial promotional cards and other goodies from August through December!

Dorothy – a new play  L. Frank Baum (the man behind the writing of the original Oz books) created a beautiful and timeless story with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This new play explores his life and relationships, and how  they influenced and drove him to create one of the worlds most celebrated tales. From the Scarecrow to the Wizard himself, Frank Baum created each character from the love and friendship of the people around him. However, when tragedy strikes, we must ask ourselves if stories and imagination can be either a help or a hindrance in achieving acceptance of loss or whether they are a desperate clinging to what was once real. A beautiful telling of one of the worlds most beloved storytellers.


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