Oz in the News 7.26.15


Two ‘Munchkins’ actors in ‘Wizard of Oz’ worked at SRP  They were not Munchkin-sized ruby slippers but rather the work shoes the former Savannah River Plant in Aiken County found for two of its employees who were Munchkin actors in the 1939 MGM classic film “The Wizard of Oz.” According to the Savannah River Site’s archives, they were the smallest work shoes the plant had ever ordered. The SRP workers, two “little people” brothers, Eugene and Eulie David of Barnwell, were once part of the Singer Midgets who performed in “The Wizard of Oz.” According to the SRS archives, Eugene portrayed one of the five fiddlers who saw Judy Garland (as Dorothy) and her dog, Toto, off during the “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” sequence. Eulie played one of the soldiers who marched during the “Ding! Dong! The Witch is Dead” sequence. John Fricke, considered the preeminent “Wizard of Oz” and Judy Garland historian, confirms the David brothers’ participation in the movie. “Both of their names appear on MGM’s ‘daily time report’ list of the Munchkin actors,” he said.


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