Oz in the News 7.20.15

oscardiggs-2Original Wizard of Oz Musical: OZ A NEW  This is not the Oz you have or will ever see again, but will be an Oz you shall want to once you see it, and hear it. With a new score and lyrics and original 1903/1904 songs and lyrics by L. Frank Baum, Paul Tietjen, Félix F. Feist, Harry Armstrong, Glen McDonough, Vincent Bryan, Leo Edwards, Louis F. Gottschalk, C J Kasey, R Alister Brown, Michael G, Paolo Angelucci,Evan McPherson, David Kotzebue, Laila Vafaeezade, George Deroshe. Page2Stage Entertainment is putting up a concert this December of the score from the show, after its work shopped staged production last year at the Historic Everett Theatre. The concert will be performed at the Broadway Performance Hall attached to the collage. The company is in talks with bringing in Emma Ridley from Walt Disney’s “Return to Oz” from 1985 who played Ozma, and Maud Gage Baum(?- ed.). The company is also in talks with the Scarecrow, and Dorothy from Indiana who perform at all the Oz festivals and were recently seen in Hollywood for the Anniversary release in 3D of the film. Other actors in the works range from the wizard from Oz the Great and Powerful, and Uncle Jessie from Full House as the Wizard and Baum, along with one of the lead wolves from the Twilight and X Men series. The tour for the show after the concert, starting at the beginning of 2016 is in the works for the Kansas Wamego Theatre attached to the Oz museum, LA, Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, and finally landing in the NYC in time for Tony season.


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