Oz in the News 7.11.15

33Collecting takes you to Oz and beyond  For me, it all started in high school. I was in my school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. I was the best talking tree along the Yellow Brick Road ever, by the way! I always loved watching the movie when it came on television every year, but it was my high school musical debut that sparked my collection. I now have well over 1,200 items piled high in my home office. Some items are worth more than others, but I love every last piece. People ask me how I know what I have piled up.  I just do.  I can pretty much identify every item.  Who would have thought that the $3.00 Wizard of Oz sweeper that I found at a thrift store is now worth about $1,200.  I have collectibles from 1939 when the movie premiered to the current day now that Ted Turner owns the movie rights and sells Oz products all the time. The problem is I would never think of selling the sweeper. It, along with the 1,199 other items, are my pride and joy. I collect for fun and the chance to meet others who share my interest.  Believe it or not, there was a festival that for years brought ‘Ozians’ together to swap and share their finds. Just let me say that my rare sweeper was the bell of the Oz ball one year.

$1M reward offered for ruby slippers stolen from Judy Garland Museum  An anonymous “Wizard of Oz” fan in Arizona is offering a $1 million reward for the slippers after an Itasca County dive team failed to find them last month in the Tioga Mine Pit, where they were rumored to have been sunk in a Tupperware container.  To receive the reward, the exact, current location of the ruby slippers must be given for the Grand Rapids Police Department to find them — or the ruby slippers must be turned in to the police department. The ruby slippers must be in recognizable condition, Kelsch said. The $1 million reward also has the stipulation that the name or names of the thieves must also be revealed.



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