Oz in the News 7.1.15

Return-to-OZ-2_article_story_large‘Return to Oz’ Turns 30: A loving tribute to the scariest children’s movie of all time  Make no mistake: “Return to Oz” is scary — very scary. It was also heralded as being much more loyal to L. Frank Baum’s original books than 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz,” which it was inevitably — and generally unfavorably — compared to. Indeed, then-nine-year-old Fairuza Balk told “Entertainment Tonight” while promoting the film that she was “very very very very very sick and tired” of Judy Garland comparisons, “because I’m not competing with her. I think she was probably a wonderful lady. She did a wonderful movie, and now I’m doing a wonderful movie, and sometimes it’s probably hard for people that have grown up with the ‘Wizard of Oz’ to adjust to a new movie. I mean, not everybody’s going to like it.”

Family of Chittenango’s first librarian wants her Wizard of Oz collection returned to the village Growing up, Ray Houck was surrounded by the Wizard of Oz. His mother, Clara Houck was a Chittenango native and the village’s first librarian. Over the course of her life, she built up an incredible collection of Oz memorabilia and 24 detailed scrapbooks of materials on the village’s connection to Oz and the Chittenango native author L. Frank Baum. In 2002, Clara Houck donated her collection to an Oz museum run by the Chittenango Foundation. At the time, her collection was valued at $6,800. Her family says she wanted the material to be available to the public in her hometown.



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