Oz in the News 6.19.15

web1_DEALBA_061115bh_006Entertainer shares his love of Judy Garland in show  If David de Alba isn’t Judy Garland’s biggest fan, he’s certainly on the short list. De Alba’s devotion to the late and legendary singer/actress can be seen, first, in the Garland memorabilia he has collected over the years, ranging from original music scores to a pair of shoes Garland wore in one of her movies to an entire collection related to her memorable turn in the 1939 classic film “The Wizard of Oz.” But beyond all that are the decades that de Alba has devoted to portraying Garland in musical presentations aimed, he says, at introducing Garland and her talent to younger fans and rekindling a passion for Garland in older fans who remember her but, perhaps, may have forgotten how good she was.

Authors, munchkin by marriage visit highlight Ionia’s Wizard of Oz Festival  Oz author Ron Baxley Jr. is a special guest author at the Wizard of Oz Festival in Ionia on Friday and Saturday, June 19-20. He will be in front of the Ionia Theatre in downtown Ionia with an author table, signing and selling his Oz books and discussing his travels to various Oz festivals and the Oz celebrities he has met. He will be available from approximately 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. both Friday and Saturday.  James C. Wallace II and his wife Amanda will also be available as special guests to discuss, sign, and sell their Oz books and to discuss their Oz travels and memories each day during approximately the same times Baxley Jr. will be.  “Munchkin by marriage,” Mary Ellen St. Aubin, will be available at times on these days in the theatre lobby as well and will be discussing memories and perhaps selling autographs. Karen Armstrong Owens will be a special guest at the Oz festival to discuss her Oz memories, sell International Wizard of Oz Club, Inc. memberships, and perhaps sell collectibles.


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