Oz in the News 6.8.15

tn-500_nup_169267_0552‘Dorothy’ Hopefuls from Across the U.S. Audition for NBC’s THE WIZ LIVE NBC’s holiday production of “The Wiz Live!,” is set for Thursday, Dec. 3. Today, the network hosted an open casting call for the role of ‘Dorothy’ at New York’s Telsey + Company. The audition notice revealed that the network was “looking for a female, African-American performer over the age of 18, who “must have an extraordinary voice that can still tell a story, and maturity with a youthful energy.” Those interested were asked to be prepared to perform a short section of ‘Home,’ Ease on Down the Road,’ or ‘Be a Lion’ a capella.  As previously reported, Stephanie Mills, the original ‘Dorothy’ in the Broadway production, will star as Aunt Em in NBC‘s THE WIZ LIVE, with Fatima Robinson serving as choreographer.


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