Oz in the News 5.13.15

oz4Jacqueline E. Lawton: adapting Wizard of Oz and what’s next  “I credit my mother’s love of MGM musicals for becoming involved in theatre. She introduced me to Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, and all of those amazing actors and actresses. When I first saw The Wizard of Oz, I was amazed. I saw myself in Dorothy and wondered how they knew what was in my heart. How did they know that I was so loved, but so terribly lonely and that I longed for adventure? I watched it every time it came on television and never got tired of it. Now, when I saw The Wiz, I was terrified of it. The subway scenes and the costumes — it all gave me nightmares and made me so sad. I never watched it again, but I do love the song “Everyone Rejoice” and I loved all the high kicking! I plan to watch it in December when NBC presents it for television, so we’ll see. I’ve never seen Wicked or any other versions, so, I only know the book and the movie.”


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