Oz in the News 4.28.15

save-the-slippersSave The Slippers  Tricon Films & Television has come on board to produce and distribute Morgan White’s sophomore feature-length documentary The Slippers. The film chronicles the search for one of the most important pieces of Save the slippersHollywood memorabilia — a pair of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 MGM classic The Wizard Of Oz that was stolen in 2005. White, in partnership with private investigation company Alexander and Associates, has launched an Indiegogo campaign called #SaveTheSlippers to raise funds to complete the investigation to be featured in the film. Four pairs of authentic ruby slippers used in The Wizard of Oz are known to exist. One resides at the Smithsonian; a second pair will be the centerpiece of LA’s Academy Museum, which is set to open in 2017; and a third pair is privately owned. The fourth pair, owned by Hollywood collector Michael Shaw, was stolen in August 2005 from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, MN, Garland’s birthplace, and since has eluded police and private investigators.

India Carney sings ‘Over the Rainbow’ on The Voice  In one of the more stunningly beautiful decisions of the season, India starts off the vocal a cappella, and she kept it going for so long that I wondered when the backing music would actually kick in. But if it never did, I wouldn’t have minded, since this was absolutely DIVINE. The runs she hit here were effortless and killer. I’m probably overselling it, and I’ll definitely go back and listen to it again tomorrow with fresh ears, but right now, this is one of my favorite performances in the history of The Voice.


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