Oz in the News 4.27.15

Article Lead - narrow986373211mq4ypimage.related.articleLeadNarrow.353x0.1mq51l.png1429845609841.jpg-300x0Different Dorothy in Belvoir’s St theatre’s dark take on Wizard of Oz  “We’re following in the spirit of the book, which is really dark,” Jacobs says. “It’s folkloric in that it’s violent and surprising and weird. All the things Hollywood took out of the film we’re seizing upon. For example, in the book, the Tin Man cuts off his own limbs, chops off his own head and splits his body down the middle with an axe. The psycho-emotional landscape is a very complex and vivid and ambiguous.” Jacobs has described herself as a feminist theatre maker but says her Wizard of Oz will be from a feminine perspective rather than overtly political. “It’s interesting to me that this is a world of witches,” she says. “In our piece everyone is a witch. We are exploring the notion of what powerful or sexual women are and how they are regarded. I want the audience to reflect on some aspects of where we are in society at the moment – especially that terrifying journey young girls have to go on in order to become an adult woman.”


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