Oz in the News 2.19.15

51nHCfK3zjL._SL500_SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Cable Shows Are Sped Up: Munchkin voices get higher in ‘Wizard of Oz’ to Squeeze in More Ads  When Stephen Cox was watching “The Wizard of Oz” on TBS last November, something didn’t sound quite right to him about the Munchkins, who are near and dear to his heart. “Their voices were raised a notch,” said Mr. Cox, the author of several pop- culture books including one about the classic 1939 film. “It was astounding to me.” He wasn’t imagining things. Time Warner Inc. ’s TBS used compression technology to speed up the movie. The purpose: stuffing in more TV commercials. As they contend with steep ratings declines, many top cable networks are jamming more ads into programming to meet audience guarantees made to advertisers and prop up revenue despite falling ad prices.

TV Review: SUPERNATURAL – Season 10 – “There’s No Place Like Home”  The Wizard turning out to be somebody’s bad side is also an intriguing tweak, as is Charlie’s method of reuniting herself. It’s fun to have some honest-to-Pete plot twists, and a reference to Dean and Sam as Rocket and Groot does not go amiss.  The “you had it in you the whole time” theme is of course a huge part of the OZ movie mythology that’s been with us now for nearly eight decades now, and it resonates wonderfully with SUPERNATURAL’s ethos. There’s no place like home inside yourself, indeed.

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