Oz in the News 2.11.15

imrs.phpCashing in on Wizard of Oz mania: What you can buy in L. Frank Baum’s hometown  Well before any controversy over the Yellow Brick Road Casino, Chittenango was financially leveraging the legacy of their beloved native son. The town of 5,000 outside Syracuse features a museum devoted to Baum, All Things Oz, and used to have an Oz Cream and an Emerald City Grill. A few blocks from the library, where a wall is painted to look like the Emerald City, children attend the “Over the Rainbow” Christian Pre-School.The town has embraced Baum’s creation for good reason. Oz is big business. The 1939 movie, according to the Library of Congress, is the most-watched film of all time. A search for “Wizard of Oz” on Amazon draws more than 25,000 results and, on eBay, more than 36,000. The priciest item up for auction is a complete set of Baum’s first-edition Oz books listed at $150,000.

Urmston cake artist puts icing on award-laden career  Marie McGrath, owner of Marie’s Bakehouse in Queens Road won gold for her entry in last weekend’s Cake International Show at Event City, Trafford Park. The 38-year-old’s Wizard of Oz themed cake, which took over 40 hours to decorate, was entered into the ‘celebration cake’ category, earning Marie her second gold at the prestigious event.

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