Oz in the News 1.29.15

54c964cc9af06.preview-620Whiting man remembers ‘Oz’ witch Margaret Hamilton fondly “Back in 1977, while I was a student at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Robert Page, who was the head of the music department was also the associate conductor for the Cleveland Orchestra. I not only accompanied him to Cleveland when he directed a children’s Halloween concert that featured Hamilton as a special guest narrator for the musical tale of ‘Peter and the Wolf,’ but I played the piano for her for her rehearsals,” Rapchak said. “She was so kind and very gracious and very serious about us using the afternoon to rehearse. I wish I had snapped a photo with her, but at the time, it was not so quick and easy like today to get a quick spur-of-the-moment photo. But what I did capture was a cassette recording of our rehearsal session, which I treasure.”

John Davidson relishes the role of the wicked Wizard  “It’s a powerful story about these two women and their relationship,” Davidson said. “I think it’s one of the best stories, and it’s Stephen Schwartz’s best score. The lyrics (also by Schwartz) are Cole Porter quality. For me, the show ranks with ‘Ragtime’ and ‘Les Miserables.’ The set, costumes and special effects are terrific. It’s quite a spectacle. It has been called the show of the decade, and I think it does represent the best of the modern Broadway shows.”

TV Recap: ‘Supernatural: There’s No Place Like Home’  Unfortunately, Oz steel can only be forged and repaired in that realm. It’s not too long into their conversation that they realize Dillon’s had the same thing happen to him as Charlie. In fact, his darker half just so happens to be the Wizard of Oz. The same wizard ruling Emerald City by her side. There’s only one way to get the wizard’s attention: Clive mortally wounds himself, forcing the wizard back into our world.


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