Oz in the News 1.20.15

Margaret-Hamilton-as-the--002Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Wizard of Oz is most influential Hollywood film In a paper entitled Cross-evaluation of Metrics to Estimate the Significance of Creative Works, issued by Illinois’ Northwestern University, the study’s authors – Max Wasserman, Xiao Han T Zeng and Luís AN Amaral – analysed the “movie connections” section of the Internet Movie Database in an effort to uncover the “most cited” film – and, therefore, the most influential. Their resulting table excludes any film less than 25 years older than the citee, to reinforce the sense of what the paper calls “lasting importance”. The Wizard of Oz, which starred Judy Garland and Frank Morgan, heads the list with some 565 so-called “long-gap citations”, a considerable distance ahead of the first Star Wars movie (released in 1977), which took second spot with 297. Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller Psycho came in third with a score of 241, followed by the wartime classic Casablanca with 212. The top five is rounded out by another film first released in 1939, the sprawling civil war epic Gone With the Wind.

B7uTU1fCcAAYvFcBastian Schweinsteiger shows off his new Wizard of Oz boots  Bastian Schweinsteiger may be ready to go all #therewillbehaters, but he’s also searching for a way home from Oz. Maybe he should try the Yellow Brick Road. Or maybe he can ask Philipp Lahm in munchkinland for some directions.


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