Oz in the News 1.7.15

WIZARD-articleLarge‘The Wizard of Watts’ Mirrors Debate Over Police Brutality  “The Wizard of Watts,” a coming animated television musical, was conceived two years ago as a big, fat gob of raucous entertainment wrapped around a nugget of racial commentary.  The primary villain in the Magical Land of Oz-Watts, where the story takes place, is a vicious pig clad in riot gear. Water does not neutralize this Oz villain; instead this baddie gets melted with a camcorder. “Oh, no! Not an irrefutable visual record of my illegal actions!” the anthropomorphized pig wails as he turns to mush at the musical’s climax.  How the musical will be received by viewers at a racially charged cultural moment is anyone’s guess. But when it arrives on Cartoon Network’s after-hours Adult Swim block on Saturday, “The Wizard of Watts” will at the very least become one of those eerie instances of art accidentally mirroring life.

Norwalk Filmmaker Invites You to Follow the Yellow Brick Road  A Ridgefield/Norwalk filmmaker is embarking upon an exciting new adventure that will take viewers back to the land of Oz. Everyone knows the story of the young girl from Kansas who dreams of a colorful, magical land where a wizard makes her dreams come true. But in Yellow Brick Road, adult Dorothy Gale returns to Oz where she teams up with the Wizard to face Betsy Bobbin who is searching for the Silver Slippers. The Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion, and the Good Witches, will work together with Dorothy to defeat the wicked tyrant. The film was written by 16-year-old Angelo Thomas, and directed and produced by Leigh Scott, owner of Ridgefield-based Imaginarium Studios. Scott recently directed and produced the TV mini-series Witches of Oz, starring Christopher Llyod, Billy Boyd and Mia Sara. With more than two dozen feature films in his portfolio, Scott has worked as a professional writer, director, producer, editor, and cinematographer or over two decades with some of the industry’s greats including Roger Corman, Mickey Rooney, Kevin Sorbo and many more.  Click here to learn more and to donate.



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