Oz in the News 12.27.14

549de83fa4cc1.preview-620‘Oz’ fans unhappy with Hallmark about 2014 ornament voices  The 2014 offerings include Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, posed behind Dorothy, holding Toto, to recapture the final scene in the Land of Oz before the little girl returns to Kansas. Titled “There’s No Place Like Home,” it is plastic and priced at $34.95, including the tiny batteries to create “sound and motion” highlights, which have Dorothy clicking the heels of her tiny pair of Ruby Slippers as Glinda recites her famed lines prompting Dorothy to reply: “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” But what has fans so upset this year is that the lines of the dialogue have been slightly altered and the ornament does not use the actual scene soundtrack dialogue from the movie, as recited by actresses Billie Burke as Glinda and Judy Garland as Dorothy. Rather, new vocal talents are used to attempt to impersonate the vocals. As for why? Everything always comes down to money. And since it is Ted Turner, along with Warner Bros., who now hold the licensing rights for the original MGM film, merchandising and permission of use gets very pricey. In addition to a pair of ruby slippers as another of the 2014 ornaments, there’s also a Wicked Witch of the West ornament this holiday title “It’s Shoe Time!” for $19.95, with the latter also using altered lines from the film and voice-over actress attempting to mimic the distinct, chilly tones of actress Margaret Hamilton as the green meanie in the film.


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