Oz in the News 11.15.14

282ECA235-9E86-DECE-797FE66763969B08.jpg.pagespeed.ce.6AaHtB-AOYJOURNEY TO OZ World Premiere to Open 11/22 in Florida Rep’s Lunchbox Theatre Series  L. Frank Baum’s Oz stories have delighted readers for over a century, and starting this fall Southwest Florida audiences will experience this epic adventure like never before! Transported on the wings of a cyclone to the magical Land of Oz, Dorothy and Toto must find the Wizard before it’s too late. Written specially for Florida Rep, the play invites audience members to play Dorothy and her friends as they travel down the Yellow Brick Road, battle the Wicked Witch, and search for brains, a heart, and the courage they never knew they had. Florida Rep commissioned playwright, Christopher T. Parks, to write Journey to Oz following the success of his Experiential Theatre sensation, The Odyssey Experience in 2013. Parks has spent more than a decade in New York, New Jersey, and all over the world pioneering a genre of interactive theatre for youth that brings the audience into the play to create a never before seen-and never again seen-unique performance. “Not to worry,” Parks says, “one does not have to be the bravest soul in the front row to participate. If you’re in the room, you’re in the show!”


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