Oz in the News 11.7.14

‘Supernatural’ Season 10 Spoilers: Past Character To Reprise Role In Episode 10; What Will Happen When Charlie Returns From Oz? “Supernatural” co-producer Robbie Thompson bolstered Dean’s warning when he revealed that Charlie will return from Oz “under precarious circumstances” in Season 10 and she’ll be bringing something “very dangerous” back to the real world with her. Any guesses on what this could mean? Well, TVLine teased that the risky plotline may have something to do with Charlie’s alleged traveling companion — and we don’t think they mean Toto. Although Charlie’s return to “Supernatural” means more drama for Sam and Dean, we’re sure the two will be overjoyed to see their old friend. There’s no place like home after all …

Children’s Author to give After-school Book Talk  In an after-school book talk for elementary-school students on Monday Nov. 10 at 3:30 p.m. in the Oneida Public Library’s Children’s Room, author Richard Mickelson will talk about , his new chapter book “The Wizard of Oz, Where Is He Now?” as well as his picture-book series on Richie the Teddy Bear. In his new book, Mickelson takes up the story of the Wizard of Oz as he ascends in the balloon in his departure from the Emerald City. Along for the ride as a stowaway is Mickelson’s heroine, Rosebud, the Munchkin girl who is continually teased for her shortness and wishes the Wizard to use his magic and make her tall. Together they experience strange adventures as they travel across a magical world on their way to Kansas.


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