Oz in the News 11.1.14

10647167_10152317544601053_419814198204349368_nThe Evolution Of ‘Wicked’ From ‘Oz’ There are five specific musical references Schwartz made to the 1939 movie’s score, he says. The most prevalent one is the melody that surrounds the lyric which begins “unlimited…” and whose chord arrangements suggest “Over the Rainbow.” Another is one in the orchestration when the characters arrive in the Emerald City for the song ‘One Short Day” when a piccolo that’s playing “You’re Out of the Woods” from the film. There are a few more musical homages hidden in the orchestrations but Schwartz says there was one he inadvertently created. In the opening song in the second act — “Thank Goodness — “the tune is kind of a rhythmic variation of ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road.’ I had no idea.”

Scads of costumed ‘Oz’ characters turn out for FYI photo shoot  On a sunny Saturday morning earlier this month at Legends Outlets in Kansas City, Kan., pretty much the entire cast of “The Wizard of Oz” was represented, including the Kansas lass’s farmhouse, the Emerald City and even that menacing tornado. But The Star’s goal was to break a Guinness World Record set in June at an Oz festival in Grand Rapids, Minn., home of the Judy Garland Museum. The category: most costumed “Wizard of Oz” characters in one place. The number to beat: 1,093. Well, we didn’t quite get there at the Legends, but 259 “Oz” characters chatting with one another and taking pictures was still quite a sight. Unsuspecting shoppers couldn’t quite believe their eyes.


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