Oz in the News 10.14.14

4cb35ac7a96add3df59aa79d65fbecf7“Judy Garland And Friends: Duets” & “That Old Feeling: Classic Ballads From The Judy Garland Show” Available On Savoy Jazz  Songstress Barbra Streisand has been garnering incredible attention and sales for her “Partners” album, but Savoy Jazz has a few of the brightest gems in her duet repertoire—her duets with icon Judy Garland.  The songs featured on two Savoy Jazz releases– “Hooray For Love” medley which appears on “Judy Garland and Friends: Duets” and the all-time classic “Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again” medley taken from “That Old Feeling: Classic Ballads From the Judy Garland Show”—are priceless recordings from the early 60’s. Both albums are collections of hand-picked performances taken from the 1963 CBS-TV series “The Judy Garland Show.” Compiled by Emmy-winning historian John Fricke, the stellar sets feature unforgettable performances (as well as many previously unavailable on CD), showcasing the talents of entertainers such as Streisand, Tony Bennett, Mel Torme, Lena Horne, Count Basie, Vic Damone and others.  Also included in the packages are rare black and white photographs taken from rehearsals and tapings of the Garland series.

Buffalo Grove grad sells script after becoming Nicholl finalist  In a town where the action either has its foot stomped down on the gas or is idling in neutral, Josh Golden is not certain which analogy describes his current situation. But with his screenplay purchased by a major studio, the Buffalo Grove High School graduate may already be in the fast lane. “The industry, obviously, has a reputation for slow-moving parts,” Golden said. But observers of the Hollywood film industry are calling Golden a hot prospect. “We’ll see,” he said. Golden is the writer of “Road to Oz,” which no one outside of Tinseltown has heard of, because it does not exist in film form yet. His script is a biopic of L. Frank Baum, author of the famed “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” stories. New Line Cinema purchased the script at the end of the summer and is now shopping around for production.


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