Oz in the News 10.10.14

2014-10-08-9006991115-thumbCourage for Sale: Oz’s Cowardly Lion Costume Heads to The Auction Block  Bonhams auction house has partnered with Turner Classic Movies to offer artifacts from The Wizard of Oz for sale on November 24, 2014, in New York. The special event, “TCM Presents…There’s No Place Like Hollywood,” will include movie memorabilia from Tinsel Town’s golden age, highlights of which will be several rarities associated with the Cowardly Lion. Featured in the sale will be Bert Lahr’s original Wizard of Oz script, dated October 10, 1938. The script has a direct provenance to Lahr’s family and was recently seen on TV’s Antiques Roadshow. When the Cowardly Lion enters the Haunted Forest on a mission to destroy the Wicked Witch, he brings with him for protection a spray pump marked “Witch Remover.” This same prop will be offered in the Bonhams auction. But most importantly, Lahr’s original Wizard of Oz wardrobe will be available to the bidder who has the fortitude to preserve and honor this iconic costume.

Pitt-Bradford professor to lecture on legend of Frank Baum in Bradford  For decades, scores of Bradfordians have debated whether Baum lived and worked in their northwestern Pennsylvania town before he published his iconic work. Some speculate that he wrote for — even founded – The Bradford Era. But was Baum really in Bradford circa 1879, starting or writing for a newspaper, before he went on to produce America’s greatest fairy tale? Tim Ziaukas, professor of public relations, claims to have tracked down the evidence and will share them in a presentation titled “Case Closed: L. Frank Baum in Bradford,” at 7 p.m. Oct. 28 in the Mukaiyama University Room of the Frame-Westerberg Commons. The event is sponsored by Pitt-Bradford’s Friends of Hanley Library and is free.

Warhol’s celebrity portraits likely to fetch RM186 million Andy Warhol’s Liz, Jackie and Judy may help Sotheby’s sell as much as US$57 million (RM186m) of his celebrity portraits at its bellwether auctions next month in New York. A rarely seen silkscreen of actress Elizabeth Taylor, estimated at about US$30 million, will lead the Nov 11 and 12 sales of portraits of seven female actresses, singers and socialites. The 1963 “Liz #3 (Early Coloured Liz),” one of Warhol’s earliest of the late movie star, has been on public view only once since 1972. Joining her are silkscreens of Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Deborah Harry, Jacqueline Kennedy, Judy Garland, and the socialite Sao Schlumberger. The seven lots are valued by Sotheby’s at US$48.2 million to US$56.6 million.

‘Wicked’ star Kim Zimmer: ‘There’s something in the show that touches everyone’ “I think more of Elphaba as the witch of the earth, you know. She cares about animals, and she’s green; she’s like leaves on a tree. She is the tree. She’s solid and knows what she wants and stops at nothing to get it. Like an acorn that gets planted into the ground and grows and becomes this beautiful oak tree. She’s green. I think green can be a scary color to young kids, even though it’s one of our base colors. When you have babies, they tell you to incorporate bright colors into their spectrum so that they can see color. I don’t know why she’s green.”

Steampunk ‘Wizard of Oz’ show flying into Loveland this weekend “When I told the kids I was thinking of doing a more futuristic steampunk ‘Wizard of Oz,’ it got them really energized for the classic show,” Quinones said. The Kansas scene starts out in the traditional way, all black and white including the actors’ skin and clothing. When Dorothy — played by junior Raegan DeBord — is swept away in the tornado, she trades in her pretty checked dress behind curtain for leather jeans and sparkly red Toms (shoes) instead of heels. Director Quinones also re-scripted the “Wizard of Oz” show to include the tinman as a robot, a wicked warlock instead of a witch and a whole lot of leather vests and ripped jeans. The production is also making use of the talents of flying instructor, Geddy Webb with a company out of Las Vegas called “Flying by Foy.” “He came to our school and set up our flight track system. We will see the monkeys, Dorothy, Glenda coming in on a bubble, the wizard flies off in a balloon… That’s also something really cool about the show,” Quinones said.


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