Oz in the News 9.27.14

40-ep-Wizard-of-Oz-Epsom-03Scarecrow Dave Benson Phillips walks up hill with Wizard of Oz characters in Epsom A kids TV presenter dressed as a scarecrow walked up a grassy hill, not a yellow brick road, with Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and Toto the dog this week. Dave Benson Phillips is best known for helping kids to dunk their parents in gunge on TV game show Get Your Own Back and hanging out with puppets on children’s TV programme Playdays.  Benson Phillips jokes that he used to have a “pathological fear of dogs” and he had hoped that an automated dog would be used in the production.

New Wizard of Oz Radio Show Airs Tuesday Night Radio Theater Project, a new collection of audio dramas, tells the story that started the series of books about Dorothy, her dog Toto and her many friends in the fairy country of Oz. Part one of the Wizard of Oz radio play, which airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on WHAV with an encore three hours later, is based on the original story written in 1900. The first truly American fairy tale written in an American idiom. The Radio Theater Project tries to capture that flavor in this adaptation. In the original tale Oz is just as real as Kansas a place that Dorothy will revisit many times. Based on the story by L. Frank Baum, the program was adapted for radio by Joseph McGuire.


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