Oz in the News 9.17.14

560321-245eb17a-3d2e-11e4-b4eb-3aaea0238ac5The AFL Footy Show takes on classic Judy Garland movie to cap its 21st birthday celebrations  They’re TV’s wizards of Oz — the guys who have collectively kept The Footy Show on air for 21 seasons. Now Sam Newman, Garry Lyon, James Brayshaw, Billy Brownless and Shane Crawford have re-created the famous characters from the classic Judy Garland movie. Newman has been there from the very start — March 24, 1994 — and says Channel 9 management thought it wouldn’t last. “They (Nine) said let’s see how it goes for six weeks — and that was 21 years ago,” Newman says.

-510124They’re Off to See the Wizard… 75 fans dressed up as Dorothy for 75th anniversary  During the day, eye witnesses were astonished as they stumbled across the lost 75 ladies in blue and white who felt a long way from home, asking passers-by for directions back to Kansas, but happily taking part in the occasional selfie with those who asked.  Later the Dorothies, with Toto in tow, spread around London, finding their way onto the Underground, no doubt looking for the yellow Circle Line.


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