Oz in the News 9.3.14

charlotte-ronson-front‘Wizard of Oz’ characters styled by Marc Jacobs, Herve Leger and more In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the movie, some pretty major designers — we’re talking Marc Jacobs, Herve Leger, etc. — reimagined the costumes of leading ladies Dorothy, Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West for Tonner’s collection of dolls. And it’s for a good cause: You can bid on the one-of-a-kind looks on eBay Giving Works starting on Thursday until Sept. 14. Gross proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity and Warner Bros. Consumer Products’ “There’s No Place Like Home” Campaign.

Happy 90th, Culver Hotel: The real-life “Wizard of Oz” landmark throws a Prohibition Ball in honor of its nonagintennial  Many of our modern fantasy references stem from “The Wizard of Oz,”  from famous lines (“I’ll get you, my pretty”) to ruby slippers to flying monkeys to the whimsical names and titles of the characters. And if someone mentioned “Nonagintennial” in relation to the story we might, at first glance, believe it to be a witch or fairyland. But it is, of course, a 90th anniversary, which is what one of the most famous landmarks associated with Dorothy and friends is marking this year. Make that Saturday, Sept. 6, in fact. The Culver Hotel, that studio-adjacent, triangle-shaped, fable-and-lore-filled ’20s pile that sits grandly along Washington Boulevard is throwing a Prohibition Ball to mark its 1924 beginnings. Sept. 4, 1924 was that exact beginning, to be pinpoint specific, so call it a 90th birthday party, plus two days, for the Culver City gem. As for “The Wizard of Oz” connections? Those came, for the Culver Hotel, more than a decade after its opening. Many actors from the film, including the thespians who portrayed the Munchkins, called the Culver home during the making of the movie at nearby MGM Studios. So, yes, you should dress in your flapper-y best for the Prohibition Ball, but, look: If you show up as the Mayor of Munchkin City, or the Scarecrow, or Toto, aren’t you bringing a little history back to the hotel?


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