Oz in the News 8.28.14

706-1Face Off: Wizard of Wonderland (Recap and Review)  Episode 6 of season 7 Face Off: Wizard of Wonderland, aka Oz Meets Wonderland begins with the ten contestants headed down to Sony Pictures Studios and saw a scene from Alice of Wonderland that looked to be the Mad Hatter’s tea party. While standing in front of the tea party setting, they learn that because of this year’s 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, there will be a marrying up of the two worlds in this week’s challenge. Keighlan is very excited and as she says to the camera “I am in heaven because The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie.” Unlike last week’s contest, the Oz Meets Wonderland spotlight is a team challenge. The remaining contestants paired up and and had create characters from The Wizard of Oz who have somehow wound up in the world of Alice in Wonderland.

Aberdeen Museum Highlights Wizard of Oz’s SD Connection as Movie Turns 75  Baum arrived in town in the summer of 1888, and moved to Chicago a few years later, in 1891. But, Baum managed to do a lot during his time during his time in South Dakota. He started by opening a store called “Baum’s Bazaar.” “Which was kind of a gift shop on steroids if you will,” Sue Gates says. “He had all kinds of exotic gift items and things that people around here just couldn’t buy in a normal mercantile store. So it was quite the fancy department gift store that he ran for about two years.” “He was also actually involved in professional baseball here,” Gates says. “He was on the, I guess you would call it the executive committee of a professional baseball team. We have a letter that he had written to a player negotiating a contract. It’s written on Baum’s Bazaar stationary and letterhead.”


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