Oz in the News 8.18.14

wizard-oz‘The Wizard of Oz’ Dazzled Audiences 75 Years Ago Today  With the notable exception of Walt Disney’s Snow White, Hollywood’s attempts to snare the mood of fantasies and fairy stories have been indifferently rewarded. Perhaps the fact that the Disney cartoon will eventually gross at least $7,500,000 – an all-time screen record – encouraged Metro Goldwyn-Mayer to risk approximately $3,000,000 on a flesh-and-blood re-creation of another famous children’s story.

“Wizard of Oz” Fans Follow Yellow Brick Road to Mapleton  “This is very much a diamond in the rough.” said Hollis Park District Director Jim Robertson. “This is the Wizard of Oz Fest 2014. It has grown every year. This is our third year, and we’re very excited about the outcome. It’s a wonderful thing to have a garden for the characters to actually go through and a real yellow brick road.” This is the third year for the Wizard of Oz Festival, or Oz Fest. It is becoming a tradition for fans of the book, and the movie, click their heels and end up in Mapleton each Summer.

Hollis Park District Celebrates “Wizard of Oz” Birthday  Scarecrow from Oz said, “Seventy five years later, these little kids are still running up to me and saying, ‘Scarecrow! I read your book!’ or, ‘I read your book!’ It’s amazing,and it just makes this straw heart feel nice and warm, but not fiery warm.”


One response to “Oz in the News 8.18.14

  1. Fest is on August 15th 2015 . See our facebook page for events and details . https://www.facebook.com/Wizardofozfest

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