Oz in the News 8.12.14

AP051031015301If I only had a costume: DIY choices abound for The Star’s ‘Oz’ photo at Kansas Speedway  So you want to take part in The Kansas City Star’s giant gathering of Oz characters Saturday at the Kansas Speedway, but you fear you don’t have a thing to wear. Nonsense. We want you to look great for the picture — The Star is taking one big group photo to celebrate the 75th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz” — but it’s not like your outfit must be crafted for the Broadway stage. Here are some easy DIY costumes, collected and cobbled from ideas on pinterest.com, ehow.com, care.com, parenting.com and others. Try one of these, make up your own or buy a costume, but be there at 4:30 p.m.!

Oz Con International Wraps in Coronado with Grand Finale Showing Wizard of Oz on the Big ScreenTwo sold out screenings were presented at Coronado’s Village Theatre on Friday, August 7th. Moviegoers were greeted with a few familiar faces – Dorothy, Glinda (the Good Witch), and even the Cowardly Lion before taking their seats. Throughout the film, audience members, donning their 3D glasses, could be heard singing along to the time-honored tunes. In association with Coronado Cultural Arts Commission and Vintage Cinemas, CIFF presented the film along with a conversation with special guest and Hollywood journalist and film historian Aljean Harmetz, author of The Making of The Wizard of Oz.
 “The most interesting thing about the movie you are going to see, is that you are going to see it at all,” quipped Harmetz. Harmetz explained that in the 1940’s, movies were considered “products with a shelf life” and oftentimes were only shown for a brief period before being put into the vault.


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