Oz in the News 8.7.14

53e151553757d.preview-620Return of Oz Fest landing in new ‘burb location “I’ve been planning since last September about how to bring this festival back,” said Dave DeJohn, who counted himself a fan of Chesterton’s festival homage to Dorothy and the gang and had attended with his children.  “Originally, my hope was that Chesterton would reconsidering hosting it, but there was no longer any interest from the community leaders. I can’t replicate an exact duplicate of the Chesterton festival. But my goal remains to offer a free experience that leaves guests who attend, singing as they leave at the end of the day.” DeJohn said his festival will feature many of the same familiar celebrity guests as Chesterton’s roster (minus Munchkins from the film), such as “Oz” historian John Fricke and Roger Baum, the great grandson of “Oz” author L. Frank Baum.

Wizard of Oz Celebrates 75th Anniversary & Victory in Copyright and Trademark Dispute Over Film Characters  In the early 2000’s, Dave Grossman Creations, Inc. (DGCI) and others began acquiring restored versions of old posters and lobby cards (smaller versions of the posters) from The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and other properties. Without Warner Bros.’s authorization, DGCI extracted images of the films’ characters from the posters and used them on shirts, action figures, lunch boxes and various other products.  Although the posters themselves were in the public domain (because they had been published without complying with the notice requirements of the 1909 Copyright Act), the films from which many of the poster images derived were still under copyright. Thus, images of the films’ characters, even though they appeared on the public domain posters, may still be subject to copyright protection. Notably, however, the Court held that Warner Bros.’s trademark rights are limited to elements that appeared “solely” in the films, and do not extend to elements from the L. Frank Baum book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, or other original source material.


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