Oz in the News 6.16.14

20140614_wizardofoz15_53Grand Rapids Breaks ‘Wizard of Oz’ Record  The Wizard of Oz Festival was in full swing on Friday and people from all over the nation gathered in Grand Rapids, Minn., and beat a Guinness World Record for most fully-costumed Wizard of Oz characters in one place. They had 1,150 people dressed as Dorothy, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion among other characters. The previous record was set in England in Nov. 2010 with 446 people. The little girl who came up with the idea said this wasn’t her original plan. “It was originally going to be most people dressed up as Dorothy, but then the original record was most people dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters so we decided to do that, and we broke a record,” said Reece Veatch. “I am just very thankful that everyone decided to come.” The coordinator of the event, John Kelsch, said this new record’s location is quite fitting as it is set where Judy Garland was born. Nearly tripling the record, he says he thinks they’ll hold the record for many years.

Wizard of Oz festival celebrates Dorothy in Judy’s hometown  Grand Rapids, Minn.’s annual “Wizard of Oz” festival this weekend celebrates the 75th anniversary of the film’s release in Judy Garland’s hometown. As part of the festivities, organizers attempted to set a Guinness Book world record for the highest number of “Wizard of Oz” characters in a single place.

75 Years on the Yellow Brick Road: Things You Likely Never Knew About The Wizard Of Oz  You might be aware that the film classic The Wizard of Oz is 75 years old this August. But do you know why Dorothy wears the iconic Ruby Slippers instead of the silver pair L. Frank Baum gave her in the book? Or that F. Scott Fitzgerald wanted to write the screenplay as a vehicle for the Marx Brothers? Michael Patrick Hearn, the leading authority on The Wizard of Oz, explores these and other little-known facts about the creation of the most beloved Hollywood movie ever made. Hearn was a great friend of Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch herself, and shares behind-the-scene secrets that she and others revealed to him. When editing the screenplay in 1989, he was given free access to the MGM files owned by Turner Entertainment.



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