Oz in the News 6.10.14

Walter Krueger, 28, from near Chicago, Il., is such a big fan of The Wizard of Oz that he has spent more than £120,000 on memorabilia

Walter Krueger, 28, from near Chicago, Il., is such a big fan of The Wizard of Oz that he has spent more than £120,000 on memorabilia

Oz-sessed! Wizard of Oz superfan has more than 10,000 pieces of memorabilia worth half a MILLION dollars – including a pair of replica ruby slippers  Mr. Krueger was introduced to the classic tale by his grandmother when he was five and says its morals helped him through difficult times, including the death of his mother. He said: ‘I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen the film – when I was a child our VHS copy of it had to be replaced multiple times. ‘It was a constant gift every year that I would get for either Christmas or my birthday – if I had to put a figure on it I would say I’d seen it thousands and thousands of times.’ Now most of Mr Krueger’s home – including his old bedroom – is dedicated to the extensive collection, which includes a first edition of the classic book and a coat worn in the 1939 film starring Judy Garland.

Lea Michele is over the rainbow in the ‘Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return’  “Getting to get to be Dorothy is so amazing,” Michele said. “I didn’t go a day in my childhood without watching ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ I actually watched it in my house so much that at one point my mother had to hide the videotape.” If watching the classic movie wasn’t enough, Michele truly got into character. “I wore my ruby slippers, and I have this crazy Christmas video of me where every year for 10 years I’m still wearing my ruby slippers because I thought I was Dorothy.”

Warlord of Oz #2, “A Most Sublime Act”  Warlord of Oz gives readers an interesting interpretation of familiar faces in a fantasy setting at war. This isn’t the cutesy whimsical Oz of yore, but a take no prisoners, burn everything else Oz, with violent tendencies and sexy heroines — including one Dorothy Gale, whose fetching gingham attire gets supplanted with something a bit more suited to battle (and, this being comics, of course means that it actually covers less than did her cutoffs and tied-off top). It’s definitely for the older readers, as there’s a setup that takes things just a little over the top: in Boggtown, the first pub to be destroyed is “The Wizard’s Knob.” Later, as they travel, Crumb sees the Warlord’s men set fire to “The Golden Shaft,” prompting him to cry out, “First the knob and now the shaft?”

Judy Garland: A Legend Remembered  Although Garland may have harbored initial misgivings about starring in St. Louis, for Margaret O’Brien who played Judy’s kid sister “Tootie,” the movie was an unalloyed joy from start to finish. “Judy was just lovely to work with,” O’Brien told us over drinks at Musso & Frank Grill on Hollywood Blvd. “People think of her as being kind of sad. She jumped rope with me and played hop-scotch between takes. She was kind of a kid herself. She knew who she was. She was Judy Garland for goodness sake!”  Judy Garland would’ve been 92 on June 10th.


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