Oz in the News 6.8.14

Wizard_of_Oz_Festival_in_Grand_Rapids-syndImport-091324Wizard of Oz Festival in Grand Rapids  The exhibit this year includes 3,000 items related to the movie, including the carriage that brought Dorothy and her friends into the Emerald City, an original Winkie Guard spear used at the Wicked Witch of the West’s castle, Dorothy’s Adrian-designed 1938 pinafore test dress, and so much more. Executive Director John Kelsch joined us on the show. He brought a few very cool pieces of memorabilia with him, such as an original Wizard of Oz book and a few photos!

Chittenango turns into Land of Oz for annual festival  “We are very proud that it all started right here in our village,” said Colleen Zimmer, co-director of Oz-Stravaganza and helps run the All Things Oz Museum. She says fans are split between following Baum’s Oz books and loving the movie starring Judy Garland. But what draws so many people, she says, is that multiple generations fall in the love with story, be it the books, the movie, or Broadway show. Chloe Laufer and her mother are visiting the Oz museum and festival for the first time and with just a few steps into the museum, she calls out, “Dorothy! Dorothy! Over there!”

Updated Oz Museum ready for summer season  Clint Stueve, executive director of the Columbian Theatre Foundation that oversees the Oz Museum and the nearby Columbian Theatre, said about 32,000 visitors walked through the museum’s exhibits or purchased items from its gift shop last year. “We have 2,500 items on display, and we have available for display about 17,000 pieces,” he said. Stueve said the museum has made several updates during the past few months to make the museum more appealing to its visitors and help protect its collection. The interior of the building has been repainted, all of the hardwood floors have been refinished, and new flat-screen televisions with Blu-ray players have been added, he said. Visitors can pose for photographs in a new alcove featuring a hot-air balloon resembling the one the Wizard of Oz offered to Dorothy to take her home.

FBI Makes Arrests In Gigapix Scam Involving Animated ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Feature  Three LA-area men have been arrested and a local woman has agreed to surrender in a scheme to defraud hundreds of people who invested in a company called Gigapix Studios that claimed to be producing a 3D animated version of The Wizard Of Oz. A federal grand jury handed down a 36-count indictment on May 15, and they were unsealed yesterday.  Approximately 750 victims lost virtually all of the money – approximately $22.6 million – that they invested in Gigapix and “OZ3D,” according to the indictment.

Monomythography of an Art Form: A Prelude to Considering “The Only Living Boy”  The Only Living Boy’s cultural DNA is a story about the period between 1900 and 1905, a period thrown into high relief in the Greil Marcus-Werner Sollers edited New Literary History of America. Skim the contents pages of the volume, and you’ll get a relative idea of how fraught the time was; chapter titles evoke the invention of the blues, Henry James’s return to America after an absence of two decades, the dedication of Emily Lazarus’s poem “New Colossus” being affixed to the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, Gertrude Stein’s moving to Paris. But, for the era bookended by the years 1900 and 1905, the cultural DNA of serialized YA comics comes shining through in two chapters, the first, the 1900 chapter dealing with L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz and the second, the 1905 chapter, dealing with the debut of Windsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland. The former chapter deals with content and cultural fixation of YA storytelling, while the latter deals with the serialized format, both focus deep issues in the cultural modes of The Only Living Boy.

Homestake Chop House to host Wizard of Oz themed masquerade  If the Land of Oz were real, where would it be? Does it stay in one place? Is it a place at all, or is it a feeling, a state of consciousness? Can it only be reached by a miraculous tornado ride? Nah man, just roll over to the Homestake Chop House in Lead Saturday night for the Emerald City Masquerade Ball and you’ll find a piece of Oz in the Black Hills. The Emerald City Masquerade Ball is a fundraiser for programs and operations at the Historic Homestake Opera House. The Wizard of Oz themed formal masquerade will feature dancing, food, a silent auction, and prizes for “best dressed Oz couple,” “most creative Oz mask,” and “best Oz ensemble.”



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