Oz in the News 3.23.14

tumblr_lzg94uccht1ql23g2o1_500‘Wizard of Oz’ provides themes of comfort and faith for Moore parish after May 2013 tornadoes  Film clips from “The Wizard of Oz,” faux yellow bricks and a priest dressed in a blue gingham shirt and red shoes helped convey the theme of the “Over the Rainbow Into the Kingdom” Lenten mission at St. Andrew Catholic Church, 805 NW 5. The Rev. Jack Feehily, pastor, said about 50 members of the St. Andrew parish lost their homes during the fatal May 20 twister. Feehily said many people are on the road to recovery, and the “Over the Rainbow” series was a way to aid in that process. “The goal is just to continue to help people move into recovery, beyond some of the terrible experiences that they had, especially the kids who are fearful of storms now,” Feehily said.

3×5 film festival in Jacksonville, Florida  From the Wizard of Oz… To the political drama Mr Smith Goes to Washington. They’re all going being screened. Plus – celebrities from around the community will be there with a unique commentary on the films.  The festival is at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall. It opens at 7 P-M on Friday night with a reception. Tickets are 7-dollars each, or five tickets for 25-dollars. For more information – you can check out http://www.wjct.org/3×5/


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