Oz in the News 3.16.14

28dafffca30411e3b0d8124666b39ba1_8The Shadow of Oz Kickstarter Campaign Needs Your Support  40 hours until the curtain comes down and they make us get off the stage and back to work deck-building. We’ve done a lot of drum banging, cheerleading, and jazz handing. At this point, in these final hours, you, our lovely Backers, are the best hope for this project. You can help us get Funded by Sharing, Facebooking, Tweeting and Emailing everyone and anyone. Especially to that one friend. You know who we mean. You’ve been wanting to tell them about the Shadow of Oz for weeks, but you kept forgetting. Now’s the time. They’re ready to hear about it. There’s over 330 of you and you have amazing Group Power. Here’s a shortlink to share, if you’re into the whole brevity thing: http://kck.st/1iZpoyQ


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