Oz in the News 3.7.14

c74ab60c51ca9e4182e7202a68a3f814_largeWho Stole the Ruby Slippers?  This case needs to be solved. I believe by making a documentary on the stolen slippers we could raise awareness that would possibly lead to new information coming forward about the whereabouts of the shoes. I will be traveling to Grand Rapids, MN to conduct on-screen interviews with some of the key players in the investigations and find out the current status of the case. The film will be finished by July 2014, just in time for the 75th Anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz”. I’ll be submitting the finished short film to festivals across the country in hope of starting a nationwide conversation about the stolen shoes.

The Shadow of Oz  A full-color 78-card tarot deck based on the world of Oz, illustrated by some of the most talented comic book artists of our time. All of your old friends are here, from Dorothy and the Lion to the Nome King and Kiki Aru. Discover how these primal American fairy tale characters give us insight to the archetypal forces of the imagination. Discover also how your own stories, whether in fiction or “real life”, can grow and improve when examined in the dark light of these titanic symbols.   Mark Anthony Masterson, author of the modern Oz comic Dorothy,  writes the accompanying text and tarot interpretations.

Once Upon a Time Takes on Oz  The Wicked Witch of the West (Lost’s Rebecca Mader) lands in Storybrooke on the March 9 episode. She shares ties to two familiar characters. Viewers will learn what turned her green and will eventually meet the Wizard. “There might be some other surprises along the yellow brick road,” Kitsis says. “We’re setting up the fight of all fights: Evil Queen versus Wicked Witch!”

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  1. Daniel Schmitt

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