Oz in the News 2.12.14

article-1331765-0C2ADDE8000005DC-988_468x332Weinstein Confirms ‘A Friend of Dorothy’ in Anne Hathaway!  If the creative team sticks to the facts and let the comedy and tragedy of Judy’s life play out as it happened sans gross embellishment and with Hathaway’s incredible talent then the film could be pretty spectacular. For my money all concerned screenplay, direction and leading lady must all combine to present in an understated way Garland’s larger than larger life. If we are going to see a film depicting the woman fumbling for a bottle of pills of every two minutes: A GREAT BIG YAWN. In the end I am reminded of a scene between Harper Lee and Truman Capote in the film INFAMOUS. Sensing that Mr. Capote is attempting to “color” the facts of the Clutter Family for his new found reportage, “In Cold Blood”, Miss Lee looks him dead in the eye and says “the truth is enough!”. Tell the truth . Tell it with class and an even hand. In the end hopefully Anne Hathaway, Harvey Weinstein and company will all produce a film that proves that they are all “Friends of Dorothy”.


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