Oz in the News 2.9.14

35546125001_3128341638001_vs-52eabc9fe4b01a5cc059dfe8-1592194010001The munchkin of Marshalltown  Journalists and movie historians have traveled to Marshalltown to meet Dale Paullin over the years, because he’s a little person who claimed to be a Munchkin in the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz.” “Dale wasn’t in it and he wasn’t cut from it,” said Stephen Cox, author of “The Munchkins of Oz,” in a recent interview from Los Angeles. Paullin continues to claim he was in an early six-week filming that was never used after the initial director was fired. Yet in his room filled with movie and show memorabilia only one small novelty picture book on “Oz” remains. The cheery man who often prefaces his thoughts with a high-pitched “Weeee” and a giggle, grew somber for just a few seconds when asked if he regrets the claim. “I wish I’d never brought it up,” he said.


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