Oz in the News 2.4.14

24620695_BG5`The Wonderful Wizard of Oz`: Emerald City born in The Windy City “The real Chicago connection that made ‘The Wizard of Oz’ one people talk about is interest in how to decorate a shop window,” Samuelson told Good Day Chicago’s Jake Hamilton. “His day job was editing and supervising amazing spectacle showrooms. It’s hard to imagine how you take that one step further to the Tin Man. The amazing Emerald City is all about shop windows here in Chicago.” So he began to write. At 1667 North Humboldt Boulevard, a twister began to form in Baum’s imagination, taking us all to a world we’d never seen before. Or had we?

Chatting with the Wiz  Veteran theater and television actor Jay Brazeau, who plays the Wizard, recently chatted with GetOut about the show, his starring role and Toto. “We have two dogs that play Toto — they are the best actors in the show. When the dog comes on the stage, the audience goes nuts. It’s a great theatrical moment.”


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