Oz in the News 1.27.14

Lion‘Antiques Roadshow’ features Bert Lahr’s grandson and copy of ‘Wizard of Oz’ script  The producers and appraisers would just like to remind viewers that “Roadshow,” Monday nights at 8 on PBS, is a little different than its commercial colleagues. This is also the only show likely to get a visit, as it does this Monday, from Bert Lahr’s grandson David. Bert played the Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard of Oz,” and David inherited his original script. Pop culture expert Laura Woolley from “Roadshow” values it at around $150,000.

Ballet Memphis triumphs with magical version of classic ‘Wizard of Oz’  The score, culled from the works of British composers Benjamin Britten, Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams, beautifully enhanced the movements of Dorothy (Julie Niekrasz), the Cowardly Lion (Kendall G. Britt Jr.), the Scarecrow (Travis Bradley) and the Tin Man (Dylan G-Bowley). But arguably, the eye-catchingly green Wicked Witch of the West (Crystal Brothers) stole the show, blending smoldering menace, devil-may-care attitude and a sensuality just subtle enough to play to a family crowd.


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