Oz in the News 1.8.14

814eMMdTPRL._SL1500_The Wizard of Oz (75th Anniversary Anthology) We celebrate the 75th anniversary of the iconic WIZARD OF OZ with this anthology CD featuring songs from the movie (and some dropped) recorded by the stars such as Judy Garland, composer Harold Arlen and popular performers of the day such as Glenn Miller and his orchestra. Most of the tracks here are recordings made to promote the movie such as “live” radio broadcasts. We have included four versions of the ever popular OVER THE RAINBOW performed by Judy Garland – the movie version, a “live” version, a “pop” version and finally, one with the Tommy Dorsey orchestra recorded to sell government war bonds. The big band orchestras are represented here by Glenn Miller, Vincent Lopez and Frankie Masters, each performing their “dance band” version of songs from the movie.

Eric Shanower and Skottie Young look back on five years of working in the wonderful, marvelous world of Oz!  “I think it would be great to adapt the rest of the Baum Oz books to comics; I’d especially like to see comics adaptations of “The Patchwork Girl of Oz” and “Rinkitink in Oz,” and maybe some of Baum’s Oz-related fantasies like “Sky Island” and “Queen Zixi of Ix.” But I’d want to work with an artist of Skottie’s caliber. I’ve been working on one Oz project or another my whole career, and I know these Marvel Oz adaptations won’t be the last. Some sort of Oz material is always popping up on my radar.”


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