Oz in the News 1.7.14

slide01THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF SONG to Celebrate One-Year Anniversary Off-Broadway, 1/10  The Wonderful Wizard of Song was created by American Idol’s Nigel Wright, Sam Arlen (son of composer Oscar-winning composer Harold Arlen), and George Bugatti. Weaving rare archival movies, photos and behind the scenes footage from “The Wizard of Oz,” into the vignettes that feature each hit, the show travels from The Cotton Club to the screens of Hollywood to the Broadway stage and to the Land of Oz. In celebration of this milestone as well as the upcoming 75th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz,” the show’s director, Broadway veteran Gene Castle, is expanding the show with additional Arlen songs, new sets, media imagery and two new cast members: Allicia Lawson, and Adam Kemmerer who joins Marcus Goldhaber and George Bugatti to round out the Three Crooners who are the hosts of the show.

EXPOSED! WIZARD OF OZ SHOCKERS & SCANDALS  MGM bosses “tried to make me look as much like Shirley (Temple) as possible. I was fat, had crooked teeth, straight black hair and the wrong kind of nose. They made me wear a corset and a wig, capped my teeth and put horrible things in my nose to turn it up like Shirley’s. Making that picture was almost the end of me.”


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