In Memoriam: Munchkin Margaret Pellegrini (September 23, 1923 – August 7, 2013)


Credit: Photographed March 3, 2013, by Jesse Groening. © National Oz Museum.

In honor of  MGM Munchkin Margaret Pellegrini who passed away earlier this year, The Daily Ozmapolitan is honored to present this triptych of her last series of professionally photographed images.  Tom Wilhite has this to say about these pictures, “This series of photos was shot when she was interviewed for the Farnsworth Art Museum exhibition.  Several weeks after these photos were taken – and the interview conducted – she had what I understand was a stroke from which she did not recover.  I am guessing these are the last photos of her.  Margaret’s interview in the Farnsworth show is an historic link to the film and, for the photographer and me, a moving remembrance of our visit with her.”

Rest in peace, Margaret.  You were a true Ozian.

Blair Frodelius – Editor


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