Oz in the News 12.21.13

Dorothy's dressThe ‘Merry Old Land of Oz’ relocates to Maine  In the not too distant future, these items, among the largest private collection of Oz memorabilia in the world, will be displayed in “The National Oz Museum, Center for Illustration and Literature for Young People,” in Camden.  In 2012, as part of the Rhode Island School of Design’s (RISD) design studio, 12 graduate students completed their vision of what the interior of the museum would look like in the 5,000 square foot workshop on Carroll and Wilhite’s property. The students visited the site prior to beginning their conceptual drawings. “We just let them wander, as opposed to leading them through the building,” Carroll said. Once he and Wilhite narrowed the 12 students down to two, they had input on the designs. “The one we chose had a nice facade. Inside, it reflected the open, welcoming feeling we were looking for; we didn’t want the museum to feel like attraction,” Carroll said. The Oz museum will contain a permanent exhibit of 150 to 175 items, including the 105 items now at the Farnsworth. Carroll plans to rotate other exhibits, perhaps his 1902 stage show photos and posters, the movie blueprint, and another of his collection of foreign Oz books in 50 languages.

‘There’s no place like home’ Wizard & Habitat team up  “We are excited to be able to pay tribute to the 75th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz and to Dorothy’s most famous line by kicking off construction of new home builds across the country with Habitat for Humanity as part of our larger, yearlong campaign called There’s No Place Like Home.,” Brad Globe, President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products told MSNBC.com. “Warner Bros. is committed to making positive contributions to the communities in which we work and live, and the There’s No Place Like Home campaign gives the studio the chance to leverage a beloved classic title like The Wizard of Oz to create awareness and support for a worthy cause.”

YouTube Names the Top ’10 Karaoke Songs for 2013 on `KaraokeOnVEVO’  Not all the tops Karaoke Songs of 2013 were new hits. Coming in at Number 9 was a big hit for Judy Garland from 1939. It is probably one of the best-known songs of all time. “Over the Rainbow” from the classic film The Wizard of Oz broke the top ten for the first time this year. “Over the Rainbow” won an Academy Award for best song at the time. “The Wizard Of Oz” just celebrated its 75th birthday with a theatrical IMAX 3D release.


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